Specialized accessories and software
for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad
UltiMate GPS App with UltiMate GPS accessory

Emprum's UltiMate GPS accessory

for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and PC

Our UltiMate GPS accessory is one of a kind.

It is the smallest, lightest and most portable GPS accessory on the market that is specifically designed for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, but that will also work on your laptop or desktop computer.

Be it for use in your car, on your bike, on your boat or in your plane, for geocaching or hiking, golfing, cycling, running, or any other outdoor activity you can think of, this accessory does it all.

Our UltiMate GPS accessory has been certified to meet Apple performance standards and has been tested with all 30pin models of the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad currently on the market.

Please note that the accessory does not directly plug into Apple's Lightning devices, like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini, but will work with those devices if you have an Apple branded 30pin-to-Lightning adapter. Apple's adapters are available from the Apple store.

The UltiMate GPS accessory comes with the free UltiMate GPS App, available on the App Store, giving you full control of your accessory.

The UltiMate GPS accessory is now available from our online store for immediate shipment.